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Florida Examination

The Florida Bar Exam has three parts (MBE, state multiple choice questions, and state essays) over two days.

The examination is normally administered at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida.  The exam consists of the following:

Day 1 (Tuesday)  state essays, state multiple choice

The first morning of the Florida bar exam begins with 3 Florida state essays, lasting 3 hours.  After a lunch break, applicants return to take the 100 Florida multiple choice questions.  These multiple choice questions can be extremely difficult, but thankfully there is a scale! 

Day 2 (Wednesday) Multistate Bar Exam (MBE)

In the morning 100 MBE questions are administered over 3 hours.  After a lunch break, the second set of 100 MBE questions is administered over 3 hours.

To pass the exam you need a total scaled score of 136, which is an average of the MBE and state portion (or you can pass each section separately with an adequate score). You must also pass the MPRE with a score of 80 for admission. The 2009 test fee may range from $875 to $2500 based upon how long you've been admitted to a bar elsewhere.  The Florida bar application is extensive requiring finger prints, criminal background checks, transcripts, references (who are contacted), and various other detailed background information much of which costs additional money.  Furthermore, you must take the MBE in Florida if you are sitting in another state for concurrent admission.

In addition to the six MBE topics, the following subjects are tested on the Florida portion of the bar exam:
  • Corporations
  • Equitable Remedies
  • Family Law
  • Florida Constitutional Law
  • Florida Rules of Civil & Criminal Procedure
  • Florida Rules of Professional Conduct 
  • Partnerships
  • Rules Regulating Trust Accounts
  • Trusts
  • Wills & Estates

When I took in the exam I stayed at the Hyde Park Hotel and really loved the old Florida feel to it. The hotel offered free wireless which was useful in uploading my exam files after the exam. The only downside to staying there was it was about a 1/2 hour walk from the Tampa Convention Center.  There are plenty of nice hotels closer to the testing site, but many are pricey. There are also many restaurants in the area to grab a quick bite to eat. I ate at a local grocery store which is right near the testing site.  A small cafe at the convention center sells sandwiches, but it can get crowded. Paramedics are available at the exam.  One girl fainted when I took the exam.  Someone else accidently slammed his laptop on the ground, so prepare for problems.

To use the bathroom during the exam normally you must walk to the front of the room and sign out.  Florida allows applicants to take the bar exam on a laptop, and I would strongly recommend paying the extra fee because it is much easier to organize your writing and to write more quickly than handwriters.