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State Multiple Choice Questions
are a component of the bar examination in many jurisdictions in the United States.  State multiple choice questions are almost always administered in conjunction with state essay questions and the Multistate Bar Exam, a national multiple choice test testing black letter law on the topics of constitutional law, contracts, criminal law and procedure, real property, and torts.  Often larger states, such as New York and Florida will administer state multiple choice questions because they have the resources available to create such questions.

State law is generally not taught in law schools, so it is very important to read state law distinctions and to complete practice state multiple choice questions and to closely read the answers. BarBri offers state law multiple choice books and distinction books for practically every jurisdiction requiring a state multiple choice test. I completed a little more than half of the BarBri state multiple choice questions and did not attend any BarBri classes on state multiple choice questions when I passed the bar in Florida. I am not an Ivy Leaguer nor at the very top of my class.  It is possible to pass by focusing on the important materials.

State multiple choice questions test law determined to be important by the state administering the bar exam. It is important to know what possible areas of law will be tested so you are not shocked during the examination.  Most state bar websites list areas of law open for testing.